Natural Products Disclaimer


We do our best to eliminate unneeded preservatives in our products. That being said, if you introduce water to a product-that is an open door for bacteria and/or mold to grow. Do your best to keep products out of direct contact with water and you will increase the longevity of your product while keeping it free from other biological agents.

We do use small amounts of skin approved preservatives in water based products to prevent the growth of bacteria. Luckily, we have been able to source some really neat natural based phytocides as preservative for our skin care products.  If you are adverse to preservatives we recommend our body care products made without water, that are strictly oil based. If a natural company is marketing no preservative use in a water based product, we cannot in good conscience agree with that decision. Water is the basis of all life and definitely invites bacterial growth-whether or not you can see it with the naked eye. 


We recommend storing creams and lotions in dark, cool places. Sunlight and direct heat can cause products to melt or in some cases will cause bacterial or mold growth (an example being leaving hand lotion in your car during the summer).

We recommend using all products within a 6-12 month time period to ensure freshness.

Please use caution when using essential or fragrance oil based products if you have sensitive skin. If you are concerned about allergies, we recommend testing a small patch of skin with the product. We welcome all questions in our contact form via email.

We do not intend to treat, cure, or heal any medical condition through the use of our products.Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a medical condition that requires professional consultation.  We do however have recommendations for those who may have skin sensitivities or problematic skin.